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Community Voices is the University Neighborhood Partners annual magazine. The publication features partnership stories, partner profiles, financial data, information about our neighborhoods, and much more. Want to check out our latest or previous issues? Click on the images below to download from our archive.

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The University Neighborhood Partners seasonal newsletter features current work, partnerships, and partners. Check out previous newsletters by clicking on an image below.

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These reports from UNP and the University of Utah offer guidance and information about community engagement and community-based scholarship and community engagement more broadly.
In It Together report cover
In It Together, 2021
Report cover with picture of river and bridge surrounded by trees
UNP Network Evaluation 2021-2022
Anti-Oppressive Trauma Informed Pedagogy, 2021
Anti-Oppressive Trauma-Informed Pedagogy, 2021
Cover of evaluation report with picture of young people canoeing on a river
UNP Network Evaluation 2020-2021
Civic Action Plan: Phase 1, 2007
Guide to Re-Imagining Family-School Partnerships, 2012
Re-Imagining CLCs, 2016
West Salt Lake Asset Map, 2014
West Salt Lake Asset Map, 2014
Community Building Recipe Book, 2012
Community Building Recipe Book, 2012
Thailand Project Report, 2008
Thailand Project Report, 2008
Guidelines for Community Based Research, 2007 Report
Guidelines for Community Based Research, 2007 Report
Facilitating Mutually-Beneficial CBR, 2007 Report
Facilitating Mutually-Beneficial CBR, 2007 Report
Through community-engaged research, UNP-Supported Partnerships have produced a wealth of knowledge for academic and general audiences. Below, highlights from the UNP bibliography are organized by topic area, with links as available.Download Full Bibliography
Arts & CultureArt Sign Project. (2015). Signs along the Jordan River created by Hartland Community 4 Yotuh and Families, the Jordan River Commission, YouthCity, Utah Association for the Deaf, Splore, and local artists, led by Justin Johnson of Justified Ink. Read more:

Chacón, R. & the Justice-Memory-Activism Team. (2019). Justice-Memory-Activism. Portable youth mural. Salt Lake City, UT.

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Sabogal, J. (2018) Este Barrio No Se Vende/This Neighborhood is Not for Sale. Public mural, Salt Lake City, UT. Created from a partnership with the Office of Equity and Diversity, the Women’s Resource Center, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and Mary W. Jackson Elementary School.

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Community-Based Research Methods

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Community-Campus Partnerships

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Environmental Justice

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Health & Wellbeing

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Housing and Homelessness

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Thriving in Place. Thriving in Place Website. featuring ongoing data collection about gentrification through surveys and focus groups. Salt Lake City.

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(Im)migration & Resettlement

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Leadership & Organization

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Planning & Development

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