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At the end of each spring, UNP works with its partners to conduct an annual evaluation. The goal is to understand the impact that our partners and partnerships are having, and to learn how we can do our work better. It is a chance for self-reflection as well as celebration.

Concentric Circles
The UNP (Eco)Logic Model shows impact "rippling" out from partnership work.

UNP works differently than a traditional organization. It does not run programs led by staff. It is a convener and catalyst for a growing network of partners and partnerships. Evaluating such a network is complicated. Decision making is decentralized, with each partnership developing its own goals. The impacts we care about have multiple causes, and often cannot be defined ahead of time. A network like this is a living system. It cannot be planned and controlled. It can only emerge.

Our approach to evaluation has evolved over the years, with input from community and university partners. We have developed a multi-method approach that combines partner surveys, network analysis, activity reports, and storytelling. This approach, inspired by ecological systems theories, is illustrated in what we call our eco-logic model.

In the infographic below, we share some highlights from our 2021-2022 Network Evaluation. Click on the image to download a pdf. For more information, please download our full report.



Stories of Personal Impact

UNP Network Evaluation Report 2022-2023
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15-Year Report
Explore the long-term impact of UNP and our partners in this study of our first 15 years.
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