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Preparing for Higher Education

A Higher Education Opens Doors

Have you thought about going to college? Don’t know where to start? Wondered if you really should?

While past generations could often find a high-paying job without a degree, in today’s economy it is increasingly difficult.  Achieving a higher education opens doors to greater earning opportunities.  But more than that, going to college helps you to explore, think, question, learn new ideas, and grow as a person. The things you will learn in college will benefit you for a lifetime.

Worried about admission?  Think you might not get in? Not sure what to study?

Click here to see 5 things You Need to Know About College Admission.

There are a lot of options for school and it may take some research to determine the right one for you. You can connect with an academic advisor right here on the west side, or Salt Lake Community College Academic Advising, to discuss some of these options, what you need to do to get started, scholarship and financial aid options, and more.

Visit our scholarships page for resources about how to pay for college.

If you would like support filling out forms or need access to a computer to do so, drop into the Walk-In Center at the UNP Hartland Partnership Center and someone should be able to help you.

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