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The UNP Hartland Partnership Center is a comprehensive capacity-building project that brings together dozens of resident leaders, university departments, and local non-profit organizations in partnership activities to offer resources such as English language instruction, mental health support, citizenship classes, employment workshops, afterschool and summer programs, and educational resources to the community. Partners work together in a reciprocal learning model to build upon one another’s strengths in an effort to facilitate programming that develops community capacity and overcomes economic, linguistic, and social barriers. Within all of partnerships, each person is valued for his or her knowledge, and decisions are made communally, ultimately leading to the creation of a stronger community.

Our History

The UNP Hartland Partnership Center opened in September 2004 in a three-bedroom apartment at the Hartland Apartments, now named the Seasons at Pebble Creek, and served as an educational and community center. In 2012, Hartland was relocated to a 10,000 square foot building, just adjacent to the apartment complex, building the capacity for increased partner, resident, and community connections and opportunities.

Our Community

The community at Hartland includes residents from all over the world. Over 75 percent of the residents are non-native English speakers, reflecting a rich tapestry of cultural and ethnic diversity (Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, South America, and the United States). This diversity presents both challenges as well as potential benefits for the community, and the UNP Hartland Partnership Center addresses these multi-faceted issues in an inclusive, supportive, and safe space.

Resident Committee

Hartland is overseen by the Resident Committee, which is made up of local residents who have been identified as leaders in the neighborhood and are committed to enhancing the community in which they live. The Resident Committee has many vital roles, primarily serving as a liaison and advocate for bringing the Center and the community into partnership. The Resident Committee also serve as advocates by talking with residents regarding their strengths, resources, and needs. They also help to identify means and partnerships for ensuring that classes are culturally appropriate and in line with the community’s mission along with regularly attending partnership and steering committee meetings to help guide UNP’s mission.

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Program Areas

The Welcome Center and Bridge Training Clinic are open to all residents requesting support from University of Utah student interns and our community partners in areas including job search support, life skills training, college planning, housing, health, and much more! To connect with the Center and Clinic, please call 801-213-8549.

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Partners at the Hartland offer a range of educational opportunities for adults in areas such as English language learning (ELL), writing, citizenship, and more. All classes are free of charge and open to all interested residents.

The Hartland Youth Center is open for afterschool and summer programming. Programming is free of charge and registration is required for each participant. Opportunities include:

  • Tutoring & Reading Club
  • Kid’s Café meals
  • Dance & Theatre
  • Yoga
  • Art
  • Interpersonal & Life Skills
  • Youth Leadership
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Computer Lab
  • Outdoor trips
  • And More!

(801) 213-8550

1578 W 1700 S, SLC, UT 84104

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Download the Hartland brochure in English and Spanish with program info and schedule.


Youth Center Application

You can download the application here, or stop by the center and fill it out with our staff.

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