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UNP’s New American Academic Network Partnership

The New American Academic Network (NAAN) works in partnership with individuals from immigrant and refugee backgrounds to access the professional education and experiences that allows them to re-enter their chosen careers, or begin new ones. Many new Americans resettle having obtained advanced education and training in their countries of origin. However, due to strained and dangerous resettlement circumstances, many arrive without the language skills and academic credentials to enter higher education or seek professional-level employment in the U.S.

NAAN’s focus this month is our partnership with Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). We continue to maintain a strong bridge built between NAAN and SLCC through encouraging our students to register for required classes at SLCC. The partnership is currently supporting its participants financially in taking classes at SLCC as prerequisites in order for those students to continue on the pathway towards their ultimate goal of higher education at the University of Utah.  After completing those classes successfully, we continue to follow up with students. 

Content provided by Farah Ali, NAAN Coordinator and Master of Science in International Affairs and Global Enterprise Graduate Assistant