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Thoughts Before Parting: Sandwiches and Accordions

I’ve been thinking a lot about sandwiches lately. And accordions.  The 17 years I’ve been at UNP have been like that huge intake of breath of an accordion, filled with possibility, energy and excitement.  It’s been such fun, and such an honor, to be part of the creation and growth of UNP, to be part of all the relationships and deep and challenging learning. I wish there were more spaces like this in the world.

But change is constant, and I no find myself part of the “sandwich generation,” balancing the demands of my own life and my family at both ends of the lifespan: my children at home and my parents who now need much more of my support and involvement.  It’s clear to me that it is time for me to step down form my work at UNP and look forward to a new director to bring that next breath of energy. 

I’m grateful for the support and friendship of so many people over the years.  I hope that I have been able to do some justice to the trust you’ve all invested in me and in UNP.  I know that I’ll find a way to stay connected with UNP in it’s work of weaving the University and Salt Lake City’s west side neighborhoods closer together as partners in a shared future.  Thank you so much for your support and trust over the years.

Written by Sarah Munro, UNP Director & Special Assistant to the President for Campus-Community Partnerships at the University of Utah.

Please join UNP in celebrating Sarah on Friday, June 28. More details can be accessed through the link below.

Sarah’s Farewell Party Flier