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Julianne Rabb Honored as Field Instructor of the Year

This past week the University of Utah’s College of Social Work recognized and celebrated the important work and contributions of their field faculty and the students with whom they work at the 38th Annual Practicum Project Presentations & Awards.  Students shared a few of the wonderful projects they worked on over this past year, and cheered as students were honored for their exceptional work in their practicum placements.

Julianne Rabb, who is the Clinical Director for the Bridge Training Clinic at the UNP Hartland Partnership Center, was awarded the Outstanding Field Instructor Award, which was presented by Yvette González Coronado.  “Julianne is a rare field instructor who can combine a deep knowledge of clean social work theory and comfort with the ambiguity of social work practice,” said Jess Cleeves, a MSW student placed at UNP.  Kyle Dumas, another MSW student at UNP, said, “I’ve laughed, cried, yelled, cussed, and been pushed to my emotional limits. I’ve loved every minute of it thanks to the guidance of Julianne.”

Learn more about UNP’s Walk-In Center and the Bridge Training Clinic HERE.