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Hartland Youth Center Revitalized

The Youth Center team, Tuna Mberwa (left) is the coordinator and Jasmine Montoya (right) is the assistant.

The Hartland Youth Center has been undergoing a renaissance since this past autumn.
And, although it had its challenging moments, the Youth Center has emerged stronger and more stable for it.

Thanks to the support of a committed family foundation, and our many partners, UNP has been able to revitalize Hartland’s education pathways work in exciting ways. The Youth Center itself has two new leaders, Abdullah (Tuna) Mberwa and Jasmine Montoya. These individuals are not only essential to the stability and longevity of the Youth Center, but they’re also an example of UNP’s pathways model and the value UNP places on hiring staff from the community itself.

Tuna grew up in the Hartland Apartments, attended the Youth Center, and played soccer with Soccer 4 College and Hartland Community 4 Youth & Families. Jasmine grew up in Glendale, worked at Glendale Middle School, volunteered with the Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Campus, and even received a Meritus Scholarship from UNP for her studies at Salt Lake Community College. Now they have both returned to the west side on their pathways to professional community engagement.

Truly, the most exciting thing is that the kids in the Youth Center know Tuna and Jasmine from the neighborhoods and can look to them for reliable guidance and as examples of how they themselves can pursue successful education pathways and give back to their communities.

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