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The Unified Voice of the Hartland Community

The Hartland Resident Committee is a mutually-beneficial, university-community partnership that supports leaders to enhance our community. The committee members are community leaders, organizers, educators, parents, and youth who are all united for a common purpose: to improve the community in which we live through education, leadership, and capacity building. The Resident Committee has a vital role in bringing the UNP Hartland Partnership Center and the community into a partnership. We serve as advocates for residents regarding their strengths, resources, and needs. We also help to ensure that classes are culturally appropriate and in line with the community’s mission. We regularly attend partnership and steering committee meetings to help guide UNP’s mission.

Over the past year the committee participated in UNP’s Westside Leadership Institute partnership, working together to redefine our purpose, mission, and goals. This summer, we have finalized a plan for the next 2 years, which includes monthly workshops and trainings to help us elevate the community. The first of these trainings will start this coming September.

If you live on Salt Lake City’s west side and are passionate about making a change in your community, we invite you to join the Hartland Resident Committee. To learn more about the committee’s work or to join, please visit Lenn Rodriguez at the UNP Hartland Partnership Center at 1578 West 1700 South, call her at 801-213-8551, or email

Content provided by Abdulkhaliq Barbaar (UNP’s Partnership Director) and Lenn Rodriguez (Coordinator at the UNP Hartland Partnership Center).