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The Hartland Resident Committee in Action

In the Spring of 2019, after completing the Westside Leadership Institute, members of the Hartland Resident Committee (RC) came together to create a plan to redefine the purpose and structure of the committee. We launched a process to spotlight the RC’s role at the UNP Hartland Partnership Center (Hartland) and in the community. In order to amplify our leadership and engagement, the plan that we came up with was a combination of two models that will be implemented in two phases. The first phase focuses on personal and professional development that will include workshops and trainings every month on specific topics that will enhance the community. The second phase will be taking what we’ve learned and putting it into action in various UNP partnerships.

A Hartland Resident Committee training held this past fall.

As leaders, we understand the importance of engaging west side residents in meaningful ways and fostering leadership opportunities for residents is critical to this engagement. It is our responsibility to bring the voice of the resident to the table, and our top priority is the wellbeing of the community. The RC matters because we bring our expertise, firsthand experience, and diverse backgrounds that are invaluable resources in partnerships. We believe that the more residents we have in decision-making bodies the better off the community is.

The RC is an example of community coming together with neighborhood partners to share ideas and resources with each other. We are looking forward to working with people from other communities and helping bring everyone together. Contributing to the RC helps our community connect to west side resources. We want people to know that the Hartland Resident Committee is for all of us. We invite and welcome anyone that is invested in promoting the wellbeing of west side communities to join, because we want to hear their voices. We are community organizers who will uplift the interests of the west side residents.


1. Leadership Skills Building
This model will build on existing knowledge and develop specific leadership skills identified by the RC. Primarily, developing and building on existing leadership skills to strengthen community leaders and help them to accomplish their work in the community.

2. Hartland Steering Committee Hub
RC members will represent the “resident” perspective and be integrated into steering committees at Hartland and be a direct part of partnership development and decision-making. RC members will then hold meetings in which members will share partnership updates, developments, etc. with other members and connect their work with other communities.

Written by the Hartland Resident Committee