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Jamming with the Arts at Hartland

Friday, August 2nd was the last day of summer programming for our Hartland Youth Center kids. It was also the second year of the Hartland Arts Jam. The Arts Jam is a big party celebrating arts and inviting partners, both old and new, to come interact with the Hartland community.

Featured activities included Vicky from Artes de Mexico en Utah introducing how to make old newspaper into found-object bookmarks that  eventually give benefit the environment; Pablo from the Glendale Branch Library working with kids to make buttons from magazine pages; and, of course, Kelby with the University College of Fine Arts and the Hartland youth performing several dances with the help of parents and UNP staff.

A big thank you to all the partners that contributed to a successful Jam, including Artes de Mexico en Utah, Glendale Library, the University of Utah’s College of Fine Arts, Hartland Community 4 Youth & Family, and Youth Voices!

This year’s Arts Jam helped us to recruit 12 new kids to the Hartland Youth Center! We engaged with a lot of families and shared with them what goes on in the Hartland community.  We’re excited for the new school year starting soon, and for our new kids and partners to join us!

Content provided by Abdullah “Tuna” Mberwa and Jasmine Montoya, Hartland Youth Center Staff.