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Hartland is Changing… Phone Numbers!

Hartland Partnership Center

Beginning July 1, 2019 the UNP Hartland Partnership Center will have new phone numbers.  You can now reach Hartland and get connected to all its resources by dialing 801-213-8550. Our fax number has changed as well.  All faxes should be directed to 801-973-2472.  Our old numbers will be out of service by the end of July, so please update your directories and share our new numbers with your networks.

The UNP Hartland Partnership Center is an educational hub and launching point where west side youth and adults can pursue their greatest potential. The goal is for more residents to access higher education and come back to their communities as professionals and leaders. UNP brings university and community groups into the space to build relationships and offer programs in academics, health, social development, professional skills, leadership development, and arts.

A variety of partnership work is conducted at Hartland, including employment seeking, individual and family counseling, life skills training, access to and education on food security, educational access and planning for all ages, family development, education on housing and environment, financial literacy, healthcare navigation, community engagement and leadership, language acquisition, and legal aide connections. 

Content provided by Lenn Rodriguez, Site Coordinator at the UNP Hartland Partnership Center